The Program

The school's focus is not solely academic. Through our educational, spiritual, cultural, social and athletic programs, Nativity Prep promotes the growth of the whole person. The Nativity Prep student is taught not only to believe in his own self-worth, but also to understand his responsibility to serve others. Our hope is that Nativity Prep graduates will enjoy successful, productive careers and make significant contributions to their communities.

Our Day

School starts at 7:30 AM and ends at 8:00PM on Monday - Wednesday. Dismissal on Thursday is at 5:00 pm, Friday at 3:15 pm.

7:30 Doors open/Breakfast
8:05 Morning Assembly
8:25 Morning Classes
Noon Lunch/recess
12:45 Afternoon Classes
3:15 Mandatory Sports and Activities
5:15 Dinner Program
6:00 Evening Study and Tutoring
8:00 Day Ends

neasc logo

Nativity Preparatory School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC). In June 2008, the Commission commended the school for "creating an environment where young lives are transformed in ways that endure. The selfless spirit of the school is apparent to all, as is the school community’s deep commitment to continual improvement." In the report, the Commission noted that "the school culture exudes a positive, inclusive, joyful aura. The students comport themselves with a courtesy that is born from an understanding that they have value and are valued. They speak of the future in terms of personal success and with a vision to give back to others that which they have received. The observation does confirm that Nativity’s boys from Boston will become men for others." To learn more about NEASC, visit their website.